by theodotdoron

My Dearest,

I have been with you from the very first moment You came into being. In fact, even that moment was part of someone else’s story. You and I, we are intimately linked, you know. I wonder how it is you always wonder about the point of me? I keep hearing you ask: “What’s the point of the story? What’s the point of my life’s story?” It looks as though you are reading it. But in actual fact you are right in the midst of it. You are in me, you can’t possibly know the point from where you are right now.

Love you always,



Ach darling Story,

if only things were that simple. Why does it often feel like I am loosing the plot? If I weren’t reading the story but were merely in it, surely that couldn’t happen?




Dear Theodot,

you worry too much, it’s gonna be all right. I feel as though you are secretly anxious that you may in fact be part of a much bigger story? Someone may have penned your entire life. Weird feeling right? I am not that someone, by the way.

Love always,




Hi Story,

what if you are right? What difference does it make? So you are saying those questions are actually written by someone else, too? Who would that someone be, if not me? Are you meaning to say I don’t write the story of my own life? I am confused.



Theodot, Sweetz,

this story, your story, me, you know, I know for a fact it is incredibly important to Him who pens it. Some things you can change, that too is written into your story. Some you can only learn to accept. Honey, I know, your story being part of an even bigger story, it just is much to take in sometimes, right? Let me encourage you that you will see the point someday. Only, enjoy the plot! You know, like you enjoy a joke without knowing the punchline yet. Let me assure you, honey, the Author means well. It does not always look it, but trust me. No, better, trust Him. Let Him take your story, let Him take us just where we need to be, ok? And let’s have fun, ok?



My Love,

I am beginning to see more clearly now. Accepting you is not always easy, but probably the most sensible thing to do. Accepting the Author, well, you are saying you and me, we have been put together for an even bigger story? Sounds exciting! Much to take in, though. Will take some more coffee. Take care, you. Looking forward to our time together.

Muah, Theodot