Dead, walking!

by theodotdoron

Climbing down the moldy stairs, I enter a great big concert hall. Zombies cram the dingy place. They blend into the greyish green of the mildewed walls. A light shines dim. They are having a party down here, some are on roller blades, other are feasting on little hors d’oeuvre. Small talk and chit chatter abounds. I am neither shocked nor appalled. A group of Zombies comes up to me. They offer me something from a casserole dish. After a closer look, it becomes apparent what is in that dish: a burned baby. The Zombie’s friendly expressions muster me. Apparently, this is how they roll.

Many moons ago, before the Walking Dead had even hit the screen, I had several dreams containing Zombies. Popular culture hadn’t milked the whole concept to the degree it now has. In fact, I don’t even know how I knew they were Zombies. But they were, and they were in my dreams. And I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t petrified either. Bewildered? Yes. A little dumbfounded? Certainly.  What did it mean? Did it mean anything?

I went over these dreams to the n’th degree in my Psychoanalysis sessions. A burned baby in a casserole dish, what could it possibly mean? The Bible recalls many a dream in which God speaks to man. What is a dream? We don’t even know why we have to sleep. Not very practical having to take time out every day for several hours, and whilst we sleep be most vulnerable to any kind of attack. Look up sleep, there is no unifying theory on why we have to do so.

Some people famously have claimed that dreams show that we can’t be sure that what we perceive to be real to not be a dream of someone else. We may just be in the imagination of someone else. To me, this dream indicates the following: we are so removed from understanding ourselves, its almost frightening. Science can make all the biggest most outrageous claims about having solved the mysteries of the world. It hasn’t! It can’t adequately explain to me why I dream of Zombie’s even though I have never seen any in real life or television for that matter. How can my mind create a concept of dead people, walking?

By no means does this give us an excuse to stop wanting to understand the universe and our place in it. But, it can give one a humble approach towards those who place their trust in something which is not able to be proven in a lab setting. For this to be reason enough to declare something as non-sense, one would have to firstly prove all mysteries of this universe and ourselves in it beyond any reasonable doubt. Science, know your place. You are a servant, and not a master.