Dairy Vampire

by theodotdoron

Get up, put milk in microwave, draw the curtains shut. First things first. Can’t stand the glaring sunlight. I shudder when the rays hit my retina. Retinol, I wonder if it’s to blame for my sudden sun- shyness? After all, being a Sierra Leone native, sun should be my middle name. It isn’t. Retinol apparently changes your appearance to the point of leaving you with less layers of skin. That may explain my new found loathing of daylight. Anaemia, sounds of blood, and rightly so. Too little blood. Have I been sucked dry by a vampire over night? Over and over again? The monstrous amounts of iron I take daily, does it change my skins’ sensitivity? I probably was half dead before. Nerve endings that had been withered away are being resurrected. A state of life has gotten hold of me. My true form, a Vampire. Don’t worry though, I only drink milky coffee.