World Cup Final 2006

by theodotdoron

2006, Berlin, World Cup Final. An Italian friend and I go to Olympic Stadium in Berlin for the Final. Do we have tickets? No, but we pray that God would make a way. Outside the arena, we quickly mingle and meet loads of people who have a similar idea. Many try to squeeze through, without having any tickets. It’s fun to watch, throngs of people having nothing but hope.

Suddenly, through the outgoing personality of my friend, we meet an Italian family. The cutest family for that. They had come all the way from Italy for the World Cup Final with tickets they had bought on the internet. A it turns out, one of the tickets is a fake. True to Italian family values, after a few minutes of debating, they decide none of them will go in whilst having to leave one of them outside having to watch. The son won’t leave his mum, and mum won’t want to leave her hubby.

I sense my chance, here are two unused tickets, my friend and I are being offered the tickets. Here is our entrance into the World Cup Final! No way, I am so excited. It can’t be. We won’t even have to pay for them. True to Italian values of my friend however, she turns down the offer! I don’t believe it. How can she? We had set out for exactly such a scenario, and here she is, declining the offer? Pure madness. Of course, all on my own, I won’t go in either, so, two tickets go to waste. We hang around outside, hearing the mega party inside.

Afterwards, the family which had been such an inspiration to us shares a taxi with us back to the Brandenburg Gate to party. And party we do! Until 4 am, with all the Italians Berlin has on offer. Dancing, singing and fun for hours on end. This is the weirdest sporting event I have ever attended, as, in a way, it was a win for family love. Although, honestly, I wouldn’t have had any reservations to take them up on the offer. I guess, the bizarre nature of the turn of the event will be what will stick with me for ever.