You wanna get high?

by theodotdoron




Rolling a big fat joint? Even when very drunk. In a club. Blind folded. Whilst dancing. I was the reva queen. Rizzla to some. Almost a decade ago I drew that last puff. The last time I was drunk? 2009. Yep, instead I get high on cupcakes nowadays. Turned into suburban princess. No more popping pills. Snorting coke? 2002, at a friends Christmas party. With his parents. Right there with him. “Dad, stop bugging her. Come Theodot, let’s get some lines up our noses.”

Sometimes I wish I could still get high, today. Can’t even inhale one puff from a regular role-up any more. My lungs clog up.  Had an addictive shopping spleen for a while, then hours on end spent playing solitaire or something similar to candy crush. Eight hours, twelve hours sometimes. Then obsessively online shopping. And now? Blogging excessively, reading blogs unendingly. Hands clued to my notebook. Guess I wouldn’t even be able hold that joint, let alone role it.