Builders and Ghosts

by theodotdoron

Ghosts? Have you seen one? Are they not precisely  made of that which one can not see? A spirit from another realm. Invisible? Ghosts are what little kids are afraid of, but once we grow up, we know they are not real, or are they? The biggest world religion has a ghost slap bang in the middle of it. Only, it is a holy one. How do you know its holy or unholy? Who are what is the holy ghost? Some prefer calling it him. Or Him. So, Holy Ghost instead of holy ghost. It’s actually His name, “Oh, hello there, Mr. Ghost”, “Oh, please, you can just call me Holy”, is that a conversation to be had with Mr.Ghost? Can’t believe I am elaborating this, here. Can’t imagine anyone in their right mind is taking any interest in such a niche subject whatsoever. Background info: The trinity, something at the heart of my faith, is something distinct yet separate. Mr. Ghost is kinda one with the Nazarene. Three in one. Kind of. But really, who can make sense of such a concept? It sounds absolutely mad. Three but one? Nowhere else do we encounter such a thing. In a way. When studying something called Mereology at University, I encountered interesting results. Mereology is concerned with how pars relate to whole entities, in a mathematical-theoretical manner. Basically, they don’t. There is always a rest-oddity. Maybe Mr.Ghost? For any basic theory dealing with the part-whole relationship, this is a difficulty to be dealt with. Some mystery sneaks in. When studying this for about a year at university, the idea of three being essentially one did not sound so weird any more.

In Physics, we have something not exactly similar, but we have a gap between two substantial theories. One dealing with with big physical objects which are governed by the theory of gravitation found in general relativity. But then there is physicality found within those physical objects which one can find to be expressed well in quantum mechanics. Now, those two theories do not correlate. Yes, Siree, they do not follow the same calculations. They are not in accordance with one another, but at odds. Still, we wouldn’t draw the conclusion that therefore, the real world surrounding us is fake, not real, false, just because we cant entirely make sense of reality via those theories available to us. We are far from having found the one unifying theory of everything, yet we go along with it, accepting this tension. in matters of faith, one often finds such a benevolent advance to be lacking. Two concepts, like death and life being united in one being, Jesus Christ for instance, that is ridiculous. Well, maybe we just do not have the means to understand it all yet.

Of course, I can understand how someone is finding matters of faith being at odds with how life really works. People don’t come back to life once they are dead. People generally swim in water and don’t walk on it. People don’t generally order water to then turn it into wine at a restaurant. Would save a lot of money, that’s for sure. It looks as though you are either in or out. Either in faith or out. If you are in, please leave your brain by the door. Brain dead people only. Well, here is something true: I find it most hard to believe in the existence of hell. Yep, I am in faith, so to speak, yet there are some things that I just cant wrap my head around. Mr.Ghost is one of those things.. I know, He is the Helper, the Counsellor, Comforter. As of late, I do pray to Him. Daily.

Gosh, this is such a specialist post. I wish I could make things more tangible for people outside the faith to make it, you know, real. It just bugs me how faith often is portrayed as most irrelevant, filled with things strange and pointless and invented. I don’t want to step on any toes here, but really, the whole stance on abortion the community of faith is now known for, it seems just so, what can I say, irresponsible and ignorant. Having one is just one factor of so much what is wrong with the world. People being afraid of commitments, girls fearing to be bad mums, girls dreading being left by their partners. Then of course the whole issue with sex for cash. Those participating in this business are usually the bottom of the pile. It is seldom out of choice, even though often portrayed like that. Some ninety percent of girls have been sexually abused. I have the joy of having met some, and, really, its messy. To now hark in on those seems to me to be so unnecessary. Demonizing the weakest link? Bugs me!

Wearing table cloths is another thing. What’s with that obsession with tradition? Traditions had to be invented at some point. Why can’t they be broken? I mean, we gather to eat His body… Outrageous to anyone not dulled by the whole circus. Christ spoke of eating Him. Gosh, I wonder when it happened that an outrageous message became all about being nice and quiet? Love your enemy? Crazy! Bless those who persecute you? Insanity. And the Nazarene was not irrelevant, instead He truly spoke the language of the people. He spoke in ways people could relate to. Today He may be hanging out on Sunset Blvd. Talking about cars, mobile phones and tv shows and some such things. He may be hanging with His Homies by the mall, outside the Cinema. Maybe He’d be wearing baggy pants. Drinking a big gulp. His dad may be a cab driver. Or a cable guy. He Himself may be a builder! A frikking builder! Imagine working on a building site and being Jesus!…I mean, builders are not known for being the most polite , refined and well behaved guys. They whistle at girls, turn their heads for every skirt that walks past, are drunk in the morning before noon, are sweaty and sticky by noon, and dirty all day long. That’s the crowd Jesus hung with.

Sometimes, when I look at a builder on his way home on the tube, he looks away as though being ashamed of himself for being, you know, just a builder. Well, the Man I consider to be worthy of my time and life, He was nothing better than a simple man, a kind of builder. My true passion?  This Builder dude from far away. There is so much I still don’t even remotely get. Like the Holy Ghost who was sent by this Builder. Sounds spooky still to me, but that doesn’t make it false or untrue. If I could just get one person to give this Man some consideration, for some bizarre reason, that would make all this shit here, this world with it’s trials and tribulations, worth while.