by theodotdoron

Perplexing puzzle. Complex confusion. Wandering worries. Delirious dating. You just pop all those things in a slot at the top. Add some dosh. Pop, goes the machine, simplifying your issues, out comes a neat simple box. Everything is sorted. The puzzle of your life does not fit together, because you lost some pieces along the way, and picked up others. Retrieve those that are lost. Or, nothing confusing about the current situation. Being in-between careers is not confusing, but teaching you the ability to rest and stay calm whilst generating output. Or, those worries of yours, dear, are useless. Tomorrow you will win the lotto, so don’t sweat it over a sweatshirt. Or, honey, he isn’t the one for you. In fact, your love is still in the war. Enjoy your life until he will find you.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy machine. In goes your problem, out comes the solution. The calm. The peace. The trust. The coolness. That which tells you all will be fine. A Mum’s embrace in a can, so to speak. Ah, more refreshing than a sip of coke. Guaranteed. Sometimes I feel that if only my faith were right, I would have access to this machine day and night. For free. Problem free life. Imagine!…Guess it’s not that simple, but actually… Not quite sure… Looks like it’s time again for the SIMPLISTIFYER!