In my sweat

by theodotdoron

Take a pair of semi good tights. Cut off about one fifth of the bottom. Put on the tights. Use the bottom fifth as socks. The best exercise gear ever known to mankind. Try it. I bet this will catch on. Cheap, easy to make, tried and tested.

Exercise, your routine, whatever that is. I suggest staying inside with the tight/tight combo. Unless you are out for lots of attention. Jump around or lift those weights or bend over backwards. Whatever it is you do with that marvellous tool aka your body. Have yourself marinate in sweat. Once you are done, open the windows for a tender breeze, get your fave drink, be it sugar free this or that, coffee, decaf or high sprung, even bubbly lemonade or smoothies. Your choice entirely. Then get your notebook out, have as much distraction as possible. Telly is a must. Chat with your hubby or with a mate on the phone. Scatter brain, give it something to challenge it.

Sit on a towel, as you don’t want to ruin the furniture with your sweat, and type away. Be done, get another drink, go in the shower and, well, be sweat free.