Preach it

by theodotdoron

The one and only thing I always wanted to do but never quite gotten around to it. Actually, I’ve been doing it twice or three times already, like professionally. In a real church, with real people. They weren’t paid or anything. Honest. Well, there seems to be no real reason why I would want to do something like preach. It seems weird and out of reach. And, so far lack of opportunity has stopped me from doing so more often. Considering, I have wanted this more than badly for the past nine years, and only twice had a go at it. Maybe I should go out instead, get an orange box and stand on a street corner. Guess not. Instead, I believe, if it is really God who has something to say, He will give me the opportunity, otherwise, it is probably me who wants to preach, not Him who has something to say. We’ll see. Or hear. Nothing. One of the two.