Always and forever

by theodotdoron

This is more of a general response. Often I wonder how it is that we are not more aware of the fact that humanity in general is fairly lost. Man is here, on this planet, not entirely sure why he is here, nor what he is supposed to do here. Such an absurd life, being born to die. The idea of a Saviour is not so strange. Not just something that is man made. I find it really puzzling how one walks around being busy and distracted most of the time. I guess it is due to the fact that we want to have a distraction from the absurdity of this existence. If I were not a firm believer in Christ, I would certainly be an existentialist. This existence just puzzles the crap out of me. We create things and goals that seem worthy of our pursuit, but in essence they are entirely man-made. One day they count, the next second they are absolutely worthless. Only some years ago things have been deemed worthy and now one has long forgotten what they meant in the first place. Values shift and perspectives change. It used to be all the rage for the upper classes to have a shot of morphine as part of the opera experience. Imagine something like this now…You walk to a fine opera house in Sydney, get out a syringe and shoot some opium up your thigh.

Sorry to be so graphic, but it amazes me how mankind changes so much over time in what they deem valuable. In light of those crass changes, I believe to cry out for a Saviour, one who is not affected by those constant shifts and revolutions, is not just something thought up, but rather a meeting of a need. I need saving from being lost on a daily basis, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I need a travel companion through this maze called life who is marked by a consistency which is not subdued to natural, finite changes. I truly love my Saviour.