Chinese whisper

by theodotdoron

People. People tend to be an unavoidable part of life. There is just no getting away from people. Anyone imagining themselves to be something like a true independent spirit is an idiot. If one knows just the tiniest bit of how the brain works, and yes, this Century I believe will see many break through’s in the field of neuroscience, highlighting so many things we always sort of sensed but now will have more and more science to back it up, will not make a statement of such nonsensical quality.

Heidegger said amongst many other things Der Mensch ist Menschen, which is German, and translated by me reads Man is men. Being entirely self-made is an illusion with nothing to back this idea up. Even the freedom of ones choices is more and more under scrutiny the more neuroscience develops. I have yet to see that one self-made millionaire by the way who changed his own diaper. Or the very strong willed career ladder climber who put down the asphalt of the road which is allowing him access to his beloved work every morning. Without going to the very essence of why we are what and who we are, we encounter the fact that someone else was very involved in the person that is me, or you.

So, man can’t avoid being influenced by others or formed by someone or helped along by others. The one defining factor in living a satisfactory life for me is a life lived in truth. Acknowledging this fact of others being part of existence can take many forms but is significant in order to live in the truth. What form of community is capturing our attention? Family ties for sure, as they hold so much drama. None of us have chosen their respective relatives, and ignoring them is mostly impossible. In that sense much of drama capturing our attention is that which is set in a family circle. Shakespeare does well at depicting envy and jealousy and big family sagas have long been a staple of world class literature everywhere.  Moving a bit closer to home, contemporary family type stories still manage to enamour. Yes, and we are moving straight to Friends, The Simpsons, even How I met your Mother. Yes, they are not precisely family set stories, but may I call them modern family stories? Old school families are dead. Let’s face it. We mustn’t spend too much time belabouring this fact I believe. Especially as a Christian, we are asked to be right on top of the game with what is going on around you. Being light to the world is not he who serves as a reminder that things used to be much better way back when things were much better. 

Instead, we ought to remind the world of who it is, God’s creation, made in His image, loved, in dire need of acceptance and kindness and redemption. Now, what about HIMYM? What is lovable about this show and why it resonates is not so much the drinking and that which is regarded as debauched and useless activity. Rather, I believe it shows a need man has to be around other men and women, no matter what. The show contains a fairly set group of people sticking together no matter what. Going through thick and thin. Even enduring the worst of betrayals. In a way, like a family. The show taps into the yearning of this family robbed generation to be together, no matter what. Consistency is a deep desire of the human heart. I believe the church really is exactly that, and always has been from the get-go. Those who were called out often did leave their family behind. Family was given a new face, one not dependent on background and origin. Rather, it was based on true origin, in God. 

The hyper-modern family, that is what the church is meant to be, and has had this written in its DNA from the get-go. Class-less, color-less, gender-less. Yep, we are one in Christ. There is room for everyone, just like in a family. Usually, a family just grows, One does not put an ad in the paper looking for a quiet, sweet girl able to counterbalance the overtly excited brothers. People just appear and now have a right to be there, warts and all. Even full diapers are part of the package. And, just like an elderly lady not having to apologize for her age all the time, since she just happened to be getting old, so those who have been in church for a while do not need to apologize for who they are. All ages, all sizes, everyone. And, everyone messes up. Just like in a family. Pretending this to be otherwise is utter nonsense. Going to church putting on that stupid mask is as stupid as claiming to be a self-made millionaire. Simply untrue. Like saying, “Black is in fact white, you know?” 

Church really satiates a deep hunger in man, one to belong without explanation. No person being born was ever asked “Why are you here, and what are you hoping to accomplish during your stay?” You can be yourself, find out who exactly that is, and maybe even enjoy the entity that is you. And maybe people laugh at your silliness every now and then. And, just like in friends, this should be a cue to get some more popcorn and have a good belly laugh. Welcome to church people, its the most modern non-institution in the history of mankind. Enjoy!