Quiet, please

by theodotdoron

So, at present my humble abode consists of a tiny family home in the middle of no where. Yep, I am house sitting at present. My parents are off to Sydney to visit my brother and his wife. So I am here to take care of a house and enjoy the extra space.

It is sat in a garden next to a piece of forest. The only noise usually consists of the many birds surrounding it. Fir trees give a nice and comfy shade, and I am more than happy to be living here in summer and not during winter. It will be unbearable for me during the snow months.

Well, so I am back on track with my regular fitness exercise, finally. The last few weeks in Berlin I was very slack, the heat really got to me. I just lost all structure, waiting for the heat to pass.

I want to get serious about exercising. It is quite hard work kicking that lazy ass in shape. But even more so, getting it up to get in shape. Finally I make the decision. A note book at hand I imagine myself being motivated by recording all the successes. As soon as I sit down, my parents knock on the door. Breakfast is ready. I decline politely, and it turns into some battle.

Gosh, getting fit has never been harder, and I havent even started yet. I open the windows, anticipating a fresh breeze and the general quiet that the outside promises. Instead, I am greeted by a monster noise of some terrifying machine that seems to be feeding on tree trunks.

Dear me. Oh, well, lets just focus. As soon as I try though, the mail man starts wandering past. I have never seen the mail man here by this house, but as soon as I want to exercise, he walks past my ground floor window. Guns blazing, me jumping in my super tights, sweat running down, dripping into puddles on the floor. Shame…
I close the curtains, bye bye day light.

As the sweat intensifies, I am thankful for the breeze coming in. But what is this, some builder operating the monster outside is visible in the window reflection. The curtains have been blown open by the wind, and, here I am again, greeting the second stranger in full glory. Awkward has a new face, mine!

Some moments later, I hear my dad shouting right outside my window, “When are you ready? In five minutes?”

Gosh, exercising has never been tougher. And guess what, as soon as I am done with my routine, everything is back to normal. That little forgotten house in the middle of no where, with bird song as the only entertainment. I guess, as soon as I stopped entertaining all those strangers, the birds had to take over. Show must go on.