Until you are blue in the face

by theodotdoron

More than words is what my brother played, squatting by the radiator when we were moving, yet again. The entire house was entirely empty, surprisingly. I had just returned from a missions trip to Hyderabad to find that our plans had shifted significantly. Instead of our move being a week away, it was now the next day. No time to say good bye to my, what I then perceived to be friends, only time to nurse the bugs I brought home from overseas. 

Yes, I admit it, I prayed so much for a safe flight home. Considering that the hours before the flight were spent with forty trips to the loo every hour, the idea of spending forty five minutes in some Riksha en route to the airport was more than daunting. That followed by an eight hour flight would make any human soul religious. Well, I prayed for, my derriere.

And, to be honest, there is nothing wrong with doing so. I did so on our trip away from what used to be my home to what was soon to become my home. We were in a van, stuck in traffic, and I felt too much movement below to feel comfortable. Well, my brother, he who played the bass, not the guitar, prayed for me then. Yep, bowel movement prayers were highly ranked in our family those days. 

It worked, if I can use such a utilitarian term for prayer. The embarrassment in front of thousands of car drivers was avoided. Thank God for my bowel movements. Yes, I believe that you can pray about every minute detail of your life. My Saviour is aware of all that which makes one human. You can pray until you are blue in the face, and then pray for oxygen, He don’t mind.  Actually, He does, but not in an annoyed sort of way. 

My favourite musical instrument is the human voice crying out to their Maker, in what ever way possible. Don’t have a voice? Don’t matter. Internal noises only audible by you count, too. The Bible actually records sighs and grunts, too. Nothing is unheard of by your Creator. And nothing remains silent before Him. 

I love the human voice box, I love how it can train to speak so many different languages. And I love how it is so much more than words that come out when we use it before our God.