h two o

by theodotdoron

Water, it surrounds you, in the air, in the shape of humidity or lack thereof. The hotter it gets, the more water volume it can contain. We are constantly walking amidst water. Someone yesterday walked on water. Admittedly, a board was set between the two entities. There is one entity able to accomplish this without a board.

Walking on water is not a ridiculous thing thought up by uneducated stupid ancients and then recorded in on some papyrus. It is a signifier for the otherness of the entity walking on water. He who walked on water superseded nature. The miracles performed are all of that particular nature, namely Supernature.

What we encounter in the life of the Water_Walker is also not a message from the weird wizard. Information precedes matter, and in the same way, matter is transformable by information. We find a very sophisticated philosophical positioning here, something still dealt with in classes on epistemology today.
The word incarnate. Information entrenched in matter. Brilliant.

What has this Water_Walker to say? Faith is right up there. Don’t get your head drawn back down to pure matter. Lift your head and know truth. We are not asked to repeat some random spells, but to live in truth. Truth is semantics, not merely syntax. again, the Word, information is needed for that to occur. We use semantics all day every day, yet we find it hard to posit as an underlying concept concerning reality? Bizarre.

Have faith in the Water_Walker! My thought for Sunday!