Great Grand Budapest Hotel

by theodotdoron

Shortly before the movie Grand Budapest Hotel hit the screens, the hubz and I stumbled over an abandoned building which turned out to be of great historical meaning. It had lived through the most dominating, if abhorrent, political climates of Germany in the past one hundred years and had made itself a name for being the biggest Hotel in the entire world at some point.

Nazi officials had roamed its hallways, as did the Stasi-Bonzen, those who somehow missed the point that Communism is in a way an attempt at creating equality, at least in theory. Those Bonzen instead enjoyed their privileged stance, indoctrinating others that it was not something worth desiring.

Now, after all its glory and probably much intrigue and policy making had passed, this Hotel was looking like a sleeping, old dog in the corner. Its previous importance could only be sensed, yet it was too cumbersome to accomplish anything of worth these days other than lurk in the corner somewhere, dreaming and anticipating its final demise.

As we did our research on this place, we stumbled upon many such abandoned places all around the world, with people trespassing them constantly, producing the finest photography and movies. A cottage in the northern hemisphere, surrounded by snowy peaks, filled with Czech memorabilia, Liz Taylor’s ex-husbands house in Beverly Hills, an entire village in the north of the USA, even closer to home we would soon fin out were just myriads of those buildings.

Often times, their location would remain veiled, as in this urban community it is frowned upon to disclose such information. We found several such places by accident ourselves. They always invoked a certain atmosphere of a fairy-tale. A Tim Burton movie set before your eyes. Take the one road leading to life and fun and decorated houses, the other one leading to this toothless age-old geriatric anthropomorhed pile of brick looking like a giants head.

We trespassed an old factory in the middle of a capital, which soon thereafter was discovered by the bands of gypsies roaming the streets, and, why not? A little shelter is doing everyone a whole lot of good. We went inside an abandoned children’s sanatorium, complete with stables and gyms.
As we walked away from that place which at some point helped kids get well, we had our minds wonder towards what we would do with such a place?

Of course, greedy ideas came in abundance. Abusing people and their needs is a sure-fire way of making money. It is absolutely shocking to me how much money is made via the astrology tv channels. Anything can be bought for excruciating amounts of money. Some glass star supposedly keeping the haters away for a mere 200 Euros, place mats for your glass to keep it safe from something entirely made up yet terrifyingly dangerous for a good 100 Euros. Yes, if we had no conscience, we would abuse such a place to rip people off. Offer something like moon-ripened chicken eggs fried in magic mud as a special dietary supplement. Price-tag? 50 Euros a day, just for this meal.

This is only one of the many ideas we came up with. Well, eventually though we realized how much we admire people who take responsibility for a business which is supplying so many people with their livelihoods. There may be much controversy about this subject, but I believe entrepreneurs, businessmen and industrialists to be a very honorable breed indeed. In theory at least. How much one allows greed to take over is up to the individual, and unfortunately often neglected in decisions. If people truly knew that it was God supplying them with their talents yet also holding them responsible for what they have done with them, maybe some would make kinder decisions?

So, in the best-case scenario, by the time we come across this house we already have quite an estate to handle anyways. With it come responsibilities, so we would have the house serve as fulfilling representative purposes. Meaning, being a true leader of a business, inviting the people we lead to enjoy the blessings such a place holds. Invite people over for parties, throw lavish fun get-togethers that are otherwise impossible to attain for most of our employees.

I once worked for a family with a considerable fortune, close to being billionaires. They bought a very large villa and since use it for storage purposes, to keep all their antique furniture in. Madness, pure madness. Their employees, us, we never once got to set a foot in this place which is thereby rendered useless I find. The dad bought 1600 pairs of bespoke shoes, at 4000ā‚¬ Minimum each pair, only to soon after have an orthopaedic problem which led him to no longer be able to wear those shoes. Reminds me of the story found in Luke 12: 16-21, read it if you like.

We would have stables by the house and rear horses used for racing. This would create many jobs and with the profit we would support needy people in different places. Yes, there are several things such a house would enable on to do, and, we would be honored to be entrusted with such a responsible task, seek God for about a week before to see what He would have us to with it and then go do it. Oh, and once this will turn into reality, I will invite you all over for a lavish dinner.

If you fancy, look through all those pics on the lipinski sitr, it is well worth it