Fontana, the fountain

by theodotdoron



My canvas would look something like this, a hole in the canvas. The canvas that had made up my life for so long is finally being torn open to enable me to look beyond what currently is. This tear in my present situation  allows me access to what lies beyond. My mind is finally capable of perceiving a future. One that needed the current canvas to develop, yet is tucked behind it. Hope gushes like a water fountain through that opening. I perceive a reality that is being outside my reach, yet being inside my range of perception. My gaze is no longer in the stranglehold of the Here and Now, but lies behind it. The cut allows light, and ultimately hope, shine through to touch my retina. What is on the canvas has not changed one bit, but my view is no longer restricted by it. Neurons begin to imagine, dream, yearn for that which lies behind this current fabric of reality. The light falling through lets me see just enough to know there is more, and it will be awesome. And how do I know? Since I know the ultimate artist of both of these realities by name. Glorious God.



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