Rome for the Romans

by theodotdoron

You should never underestimate a Hoplite, and no one in their right mind ever did, particularly after one had encountered this strongest and most fearsome soldier of the Phalanx formation, despite one being a feared Persian with a humongous army behind, the Hoplite’s discipline coupled with Bronze full body armour and a weighty shield, the aspis, within this military structure of a rectangular phalanx formation left little to no hope for the opponent encountering a Greek city-state inhabitant which in the worst case scenario would turn out to be a Spartan who was well known for his prowess, acquired during life-long training, commencing often times at the tender age of seven and continuing until reaching the old age of sixty or until dying a preferably honourable death, a death not as a coward who had dropped his cumbersome shield, the aspis, thereby bringing dishonor to himself and his family.