Today is the greatest

by theodotdoron


Nothing is a greater present than the present, and my present is a present indeed. A cooling breeze envelops me, my feet are up, and I am sipping my favourite, Starbucks. There are only two acceptable drinks to be had there, Cafe Misto, ask for it next time, it is not on the menu. The other one is called Iced Latte, and acceptable once the temperature rises over twenty five degrees celcius.

The hubz and I are currently house sitting in a far away city where life is still dandy. There is a tenth of beggars if even that of those that swarm our town. People dress far more conservatively, and I truly stand out with my leopard print onesie. A hippie, aka hipster, is playing amazing music to a willing audience. His voice is transfixing. I am hacking away on my keyboard, the kind of music I am making presently.

A young druggie listens carefully, or is that sinking feeling due to the current hit? My fingertips sport blisters, caused by typing. My onesie still has its tag. Am considering to return it, as its belt was missing once I got home. Maybe I will return it? Anyway, this is just a little glimpse into the awesomeness that is my life at present. The only thing sucky about my life at present is past memories and future fears. None of which are  truly present unless I make them thus.