Imagine all the people

by theodotdoron

Once suffering, and I count fear to fall amongst general suffering, is eliminated, I believe life to be a whole lot better. Feelings sure include the good, too, yet, I am totally capable of being satisfied when no roller coaster of feelings is involved. Remember the time you got really deep into some line of work or hobby you truly enjoyed? It was almost meditative, wasn’t it? Imagine the life you could lead without any restrictions, especially the restrictions a mortal body brings with it.

You would still be an identity and an individual, yet you would be pure love. Love is not a feeling, but your identity. I believe, once suffering is swallowed up, we are left as entities of pure love. Love is a reality, that has not yet taken shape completely, so it manifests itself in us as a feeling, but once we are free from suffering, we will be able to behold it in its entirety.

Suffering separates. Interesting to watch, during the World Cup, almost all teams, after loosing, were dealing with the pain individually, whereas the winning team was embracing and celebrating together. Pain in essence is subjective, I can imagine what another feels like, but I will never know and feel it, too. Their experience of pain is entirely different from mine. A harsh word may cause them more pain than waking up during surgery may cause me.

Therefore, pain is a lonely affair, too. Job, a famous man of suffering, was alone in his suffering. His family left, and his friends blamed and judged him. Pain and suffering has no friends. It separates. And it can never be fully understood. God reacts in the most amazing way to Job when probed by him about his suffering. He asks Job a whole lot of questions regarding the nature of everything.

Seeing that Job has no answer to any of those, it will be Jobs own conclusion to draw from this dialogue to understand that, until he has answers to all those questions, he will never be able to understand suffering. Suffering is not to be taking as a side-effect of love. Remember, love is so much more than a feeling. It involves the entire person, and thereby is much more of an identity. We can know love without knowing suffering, I am sure.

God is love, before He suffered He was love. We can feel loved, but love is way more than a feeling. So, a world without suffering and pain will happen, it will be awesome, and, yeah, it will be love, pure love, because that is what is left over once all suffering is eliminated. All we can do is foreshadow this by loving people in action that surround us. It gives us a glimpse of what this place will be like once all suffering has vanished.


Dear readers,

if you made it thus far, an apology is in order. Somehow, I read the subject as asking how life would be like without feeling, not feeling fear. Sorry, please excuse my not quite correct dealing with the subject.