The living dead

by theodotdoron

The hubs challenged me to only seat living human beings at our dinner table.
So, at my dinner table would be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, Lady Gaga, John Piper, Jesus Christ, Kim Jong-Un, Joseph Kony from the Lords Resistance Army, my husband and I.
The reason for doing so is not to start a new world war with crazy f***ers all around one table sparking off each other and the party to turn into a massive fight. Instead, I really would want to know how Jesus would behave around those that are really controversial. It would be of mega interest to me to know how He would converse with Kony, for instance. I can only imagine to muster up disgust in his presence, yet God says He loves everybody. How would that pan out in regards to Kony?
Also, I would really want to know, for entertainment purposes how Piper would be interacting with Lady Gaga? Further, there are things I would like to ask Piper, and, in the presence of Jesus, I knew Piper would have to react loving towards my probing.
Kim Jong-Un is really a pest in my eyes, and I just find it hard to imagine to treat him like a normal human being who has needs, desires, hopes and fears. I bet Jesus would treat him like a normal human being, something impossible to me. The anger I would feel in the face of Kim there, I wouldn’t even be able to get one sentence out. Yet it is love that changes everything, not hatred. Forgiveness is the way to eternal life, not condemnation. I would love love love to see Him in action. I certainly would take notes, and blog about all I witnessed, that is a guarantee.