All things

by theodotdoron

Accidentally I typed ALK things instead of ALL things. Well, for me it used to be alcohol. Alcohol is the best procrastinator for your entire life. It helped me procrastinate my entire university bachelor’s degree to the extend that I failed the first time around. You see, in England, where I studied, the exams towards the end of the entire Course (after three or four years, depending on if you are studying day time or in an evening class) are the only thing needed to pass the entire previous years studied. Now from the 120 people who started, only ten finished, well, and I nearly didn’t. Thanks to alcohol

I remember one time, I had just drunk the whole night through again, I woke up and I promised to God I would really attempt to stop this monster. Well, I went to the mail box and I received a letter. Of re-entry into university. Thing is, I had been suspended some months prior for not having done any course work during the entire three years. But since they couldn’t “fire” me for that, they used another excused. Apparently, my essay had been the worst my Prof had ever read, in his entire existence as a Prof.

I mean, it probably wasn’t a real good essay, as it was the first I had written in that university course. After beleaguering the Prof for a while he claimed he would reconsider his decision of kicking me out of Uni. What made him change his mind? The fact that I worked as a tailor, he said I can’t be all stupid working in a field like that. Tailoring requires conceptual abilities, so yeah.

Now, that day I received the letter, I had realized that drinking was literally a way of pouring my life down the drain. In all ways possible. Monetary wise it is the most stupid thing imaginable. Once I had a few drinks in me, I couldn’t care less, and would draw more and more money out of the account, for dinner, a cab and more drinks of course. A night would end up costing a minimum of 100 pounds. Ten years ago, that is.

Well, once the letter arrived, I was ecstatic. And I really studied a minimum of three nights a week after my day job. Instead of arriving home drunk every night of the week, I would study. And guess what? I still didn’t pass my exams. It came as such a shock. And I royally failed them, too. Well, not all of them. Only one. The Philosophy of Kant. The day before the exam, a friend came to visit. Now, I thought it was important to take him to church. And so I spent the whole day with him at church instead of studying believing that God builds our house if we build His.

So, the Monday after came round, and I failed. Not so great. I had left England for Germany, by the time the second letter of failure, informing me I had now failed the exams, reached me. Making a long long story short, one year later I got to retake the exams. And I got my best grade in the field I had failed so miserably the year before. Back in Germany, I learned that for the first time ever in Germany, they offered a Masters degree. The whole University system was being revamped, and it enabled me to do my Masters degree in Germany. That is where I met my husband. Which is just dandy! So, I kinda was blessed for showing my friend around church that day so many years later. Had I not failed, I wouldn’t have been able to do my Masters degree, and would have never met the hubz.

Now, I can still procrastinate quite well. I bought some bubbles, and blowing bubbles is the equivalence to smoking for me, it is just awesome. If you are trying to quit, do it. But I have learned to be a little more patient with myself in case I do procrastinate. And the most favourite procrastination destination today instead of alcohol? Yapping away at the hubs for hours on end about absolute nonsense . He doesn’t seem to mind. Guess I am his fave procrastination destination, too.