The great Daisy

by theodotdoron

Being loved by the great Gatsby. That experience, in those twenties clothes, with those ravishing parties and in this amazing house. I must say, Leo played the great Gatsby most convincingly. I love how nervous he gets once Daisy is about to come round. Its so tenderly played.

Daisy is a little oblivious to the immense love she receives from Gatsby. Otherwise she would not pass on it towards the end. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to experience her any different from that, ignorant towards the love. Here’s a secret: I am already experience life as Daisy Buchanan.

How so, you might wonder? Well, similarly to Daisy, I am most often oblivious to how much God loves me. And, similarly to the great Gatsby, God is just as smitten with us as Gatsby is with Daisy. And, here’s another one thrown in for free: I believe Fitzgerald had precisely that most ancient of love stories in mind when he wrote The Great Gatsby.

Gatsby was written inspired by the greatness of God, who endures everything just for a glimpse of us. Who never gives up hope to be yet again our first love. Daisy was oblivious towards how much Gatsby loved her in the same way I am oblivious to how much God loves me. Guess I won’t have to intrude on the fiction any more, as it is already my reality. Kinda cool, eh?
Only now, I am wearing nineties retro fashion instead of twenties cool.