The problem with omniscience

by theodotdoron

The real problem with omniscience can be stated easily thus: if omniscience is not coupled with omnipotence, it is useless. How so?

This line of argument works for full omniscience, but can be applied to the full knowledge of other people, too. It goes as follows: If one has full insight into the goings-on of the world, but lacks the power to do anything about it, one will feel an immense sense of paralysis. One would be able to see things without being able to change anything about them. Incredibly frustrating. One would actually feel entirely impotent. What an awful way to live. One’s actions would no longer be infused with any meaning, and thereby one would loose any form of motivation.
I believe it is vital to have sufficient knowledge but not full knowledge, as full knowledge makes only sense with full power. Otherwise it is too weighty for any one person to deal with. And full power with full knowledge could only be accomplished with omnipresence, and, let’s not fool ourselves, this is the most impossible traits of the three. No one can be at more places than one, even if sometimes we are under the illusion that we are all-powerful and all-knowledgeable. So, no, I would not want to be able to read other people’s minds.