Sweet aroma of Grace

by theodotdoron

Perfumes. Perfumes are my stairway to heaven, a sweet aroma to quieten my soul.
Bulgari Classic I love.
Jo Malone almost in general, all of Jo Malone
Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Lush Jasmine scent stick
Bulgari Baby
Gucci Envy me

Philosophies Baby Grace

This list is an assembly of a good 10 years of thoroughly searching and sniffing the best I can to find those few pearls that really resonate with me.

Once I bought a perfume of Philsophy, called grace, in New York. I realized, after I had checked in, that I still had it in my hand luggage. I begged the lady to let me retrieve my bag, so I could properly check it in. They wouldn’t let me. The Lady informed me I could only book a later flight.
I was devestated. So, I went and turned into a thieve. I stole a duty free bag from a counter that was unoccupied. I knew I could have been arrested for this. Well, and I sealed my perfume in there, so that I could take it through security.

Really, it takes me ages to find a perfume I love, so, I had found Baby Grace after having looked for a good 18 months. No way would I let it slip through my fingers like that.