by theodotdoron

Probably the real reason for my terrible drinking some years back lay in the fact of my constant thirst. Where ever I am, a bottle of water is not far. If I don’t have enough liquid in me, I get really cranky and arsey.

My mum tells a story of me as a toddler, standing in my crib, pointing to the top of the cupboard where my bottle was standing. I crave liquid, and, for some years I was just not wise enough and sought sources of alcohol to fill that need.

Eventually, I took to interspersing my beer consumption with pints of water. I guess that was the opening night of the realisation that really, I had only ever been thirsty.

Sometimes, when I can not sleep very well, I imagine my brain to be of such a considerable size that it simply craves water like others crave beer or cocaine, and thus, I have found the culprit: my genius, obviously. It is then that I can take to sleep like a baby.

And, what puzzles me most is the sentence: I am the living water, who comes to Me shall never thirst again. Will I really never thirst again? How is this understood? Those things, too, keep me busy at night, so the second thing close to me, if only internally, is a brooding over the Word of God, daily, hourly, always.

But those things are not visible, and, benevolently can be counted as Water, so, you will never see me far from any kind of water, period.