Suddenly, Aliens

by theodotdoron

What if, what if what if? What if, suddenly, the skies would crumble to the sea? What if, suddenly, mountains were falling on my head? What if the horizon were to fold back, tumbling and falling, revealing what we never thought underneath?

I bet to some people from two thousand years ago, looking at the technology of today, it would certainly feel like the apocalypse had arrived. They would believe their world had come to an end, and with it, the world in general. And, in a way, it has.

Watching toddlers handling computers feels like a hail storm on the beach, ringing in the end of the wolrd, and, in a way, it is, the world as I know it has come to an end. Three year olds are not supposed to handle a tablet better than I do, yet they do.

My horizon has been removed and allows me to gaze upon something entirely alien to me, a world beyond my imagination. What will the world look like in fifty years? Will there be time travel? Cloning? The think tank working for the BBC imagines exactly this to be the case. Imagine…

Either way, if something utterly indestructible and familiar remains, how wonderful is that? Even close ones change, their appearance, their motives, their behaviours. What if something or Someone who never changed would be by your side when the proverbial world, which sometimes is nothing more but your world, is coming to an end?

The eternal I am, is, continuously, unchanging, reliable. “I am who I am”, simple, yet profound.