winning ticket

by theodotdoron

He hands me a bowl containing an apple. I take the fruit and, upon having a polite bite from the dusty flesh, I notice some paper sticking out. The innitial disgust is pushed aside and curiosity is taking hold of me. 

Upon pulling it out, I find it is a lottery ticket. The shop keeper winks at me, knowingly. As in a daze, I exit the shop, headed straight to the next lottery place. The anticipation I feel is overwhelming. Something in his face told me this may very well be significant. 

And, true to my hopes, the ticket turns out to be not just any winner, but the jackpot winner. The biggest ever euro jackpot, in fact. Amazement takes a hold of me. I have seen this scenario unfold before my inner vision a million times, and now the millions are real. 

Money however is not all that real, it is trust in paper and coin form. And, obviously, one can trust the wrong people, as one does constantly. Similarly, one can trust in things that wont hold true to their word. There is not much more to money than that. 

Oh, but there is. Gifts to the woman who has helped me during my time of unemployment. A house bought for my parents. Vacations for the hubs parents. A gift to my former boss. Sponsored children from Uganda, Thailand and other places. 

And a trip down the north coast of the US during Indian Summer, eating cray fish sandwiches and visitin dutch country. Staying in little cottages and writing my books. Past New York City to New Orleans, on a river boat trip. Off to Texas, getting a boob job. Yep, unashamedly superficial. 

Back home, buying the flat, the dog, the cat, the kitchen aid. Off to training the dog. Starting a business, and another one, and yet one more, franchise for Magnolia Cupcakes. Giving random gifts to church. Yep, all that happens once I walk into that shop. Guess I will be taking trips in unpredictable weather more often from now on.