Today is the greatest

by theodotdoron

I predicted to be rich by this time of the year, and I am. Yes, I am beginning to view myself as being satisfied, full of choices and abilities rather than someone who is defined by what she lacks. This to me are true riches.

Having worked in the luxury sector for most of my life, I know too well how the pursuit of wealth can lead to true poverty. People can not even enjoy the smallest amount, as, compared to others, they do not measure up.

Others see it as their main aim in life to impress others. So it was that the richest woman of Poland felt the need to impress ME by waving about her black AMEX. This is truly absurd, how an insignificant sales girl can trigger wafts of jealousy in an incredibly wealthy person. And I have seen this over and over to the max.

The business owner of the last establishment I worked at owned around 650Million Euros, no small amount, yet she in particular saw it as an accomplishment to make an impression on the sales staff. Not something I would attribute to being rich.

Having money and being rich are two very different things. Our detective casually said this to me, and I truly believe it to be thus. Nothing is more draining than keeping up with the Joneses. On the other hand, being generous to the Joneses makes one truly rich.

Seeing myself as being blessed has done more in making me rich than any amount before ever has. I have lived on less than 5Euros a day, which, in my country, is considered to be below the povertline, and I have had days of having 30 Euros at my disposal. The amount did nothing in how wealthy I felt, or, better, how satisfied.

Being satisfied is a true measure of being rich, and, this year has brough with it a true change of perspective. Money is neither evil nor the solution to all problems, yet it can bring with it either of those things. Keeping my heart free from falling into the trap of believing that the holy grail is somewhere out there has been my key to being truly rich.

So, this year has made me rich, but in so many more ways than I had hoped for.