Yo Mama

by theodotdoron

No, actually, my Momma. She taught me one valuable lesson in life, in fact two very valuable lessons. My dad taught me some, too. Mainly, that bananas are a cheap source of nourishment. When I left home he reminded me of that. “Don’t forget, bananas are a great way to keep full for little.” There was more wisdom than that coming from him, don’t get me wrong, but this was delivered with a strong sense of urgency. It stuck.

My mum taught me to hold on tight when the road gets rocky. Challenges would make me grow, she insisted. And here is what I am getting at today. Once, I was drawing a really arduous drawing, a pair of trainers in pencil. It was going to become a master piece, I am sure of it. Close towards adding the finishing touches, I spilled something onto it. My world collapsed. 

Hours spent in full concentration seemed wasted. Frustration set in. It was then my mum said something along those lines: “Honey, it’s when you use accidents and incorporate them into your work that something marvellous can come out of the process.” At first, this seemed just a mum-way of trying to soften the blow. Soon though I found that to be true in so many ways.

The drawing received an unknown depth as I turned the spillage into a shadow, something much needed for the trainers to be grounded and be almost lifted off the page, that’s how realistic they now looked. It further caused me to learn a whole lot about shadows, negative space and the like used on paintings and drawings, something I had previously entirely overlooked.

Later, whilst studying fashion design in London, I used my Mums wisdom as a compass to my work. Accidents provided a much needed way of adding a new and fresh input into otherwise somewhat dull designs. Accidents no longer were something hindering my work and progress but rather something that brought progression and added a new dimension. It really became my guiding principle in terms of design.

Today, I no longer work in fashion. These are things of days long gone. Now I am more beginning to see this principle at work elsewhere. And, you have guessed it, no post without honouring the One and only Author, Christ. He dwells in human temples, those feeble, faulty, often times weak vessels. And please don’t tell me you never get tired. Saying we are feeble has nothing to do with devaluing the human body. Quite to the contrary, it is strongly dignified by being used as a temple. It being feeble is just a factual statement.

Gods purposes are accomplished throughout the earth via human error, something quite unimaginable for me. His presence dwells in something as, excuse me, but it is true, a sweating, hairy, ageing human body. The eternal presence does not require you to take off your shoes in order to draw near, for it also dwells in your very feet. Yes, those that some times have a distinct whiff about them. You and all your being is dignified by God indwelling everything in its entirety. Bizarre, but beautiful!