Bizarro world

by theodotdoron

I will drag myself to a doctor and another doctor and another doctor. Not to be “healed” but to be experimented on. Surely this occurrence deserves proper investigation? Maybe someone may even benefit from my predicament? 

After six month intensive investigation and being sent from expert to expert, I will have seen much of the world in the process and received immense amounts of compensation from medical companies who are all eager to be the first to find the cause, I will be able to settle down and do what I really want: write! 

But first I will buy several sweat suits online, preferably from WILDFOX, to start this new life in style. I will get up in the mornings, make myself a brew, take the dog out for a walk and then, upon returning, write one of my myriads of books. After meeting with some editor who is managing my ever-growing blog (seriously, who would not take an interest in such phenomenon? My blog readership necessarily grew over night to several million) I am doing my daily exercise.

And, upon finishing this, it is time for my postaday prompt. Once I am done writing it there is another dog-beckoning. So, back out to get some fresh air, and at the same time top up my  daily coffee dose. In the afternoon doctors will call to tell me their newest findings (which are few) and I continue writing. In the evening finally I dress up so the hubz and I can go out to enjoy ourselves. Since only I have aged ten years, I want to make an extra effort to, well, not scare him away too much by hanging around the house in nothing but sweat pants all day.

See, nothing much has changed, only, it is sanctioned, paid for and even helps someone along the process. Oh, and it is done in style.