Can I haz both, please?

by theodotdoron

Oh, happy, clappy pleasure. Bringing humor and joy to people’s lives is a fine and honorable thing for sure. It is no easy task either, for sure. Consider Nietzsche. I imagine him to be one of the most miserable poor sods around. Dying in an asylum, whithering away in insanity due to Syphilis, horrible. No, I do not envy him. 

I just got a book in the mail, ordered by the hubz for me. A biography of Warren Buffet. What struck me the most was his smiling face in each and every one of the pictures. Please, don’t go down some rabbit trail I am not even on, this is not about his lives work. In particular, I can not fully comprehend it, as I haven’t read the book. It is about the happiness level while living his life.

Happiness is underrated, and I fully know from studying fashion and in its course several theories on art, how it is often understood to be the abyss and with it gruesome insight into the workings of the world that can bring things of sustenance with it. In other words, I have to be a miserable bas***d in order to produce anything of value.

Rubbish, utter nonsense, I say. Joy is a great value of this life. Bringing joy is no mere superficial tiny side kick. Joy is central to being in this world. Now how one gets joy can differ greatly.  That, however, is a post in and of itself. Well, to me it is a five letter word, starting with J. And I don’t mean JOINT.

Yes, I would choose to be a paper back author and thereby impacting the generations as their happy parents filled with pleasure brought love into their upbringing and laughter into their homes and this world would be just this little much better for it.