Hyper, hyper, Harry!

by theodotdoron

Hands down: Harry Potter. Not appealing at all to me? reason being? Everyone, literally everyone reading it. On the tube, on trains, the plane, everywhere. All ages, all sizes, everyone. 

Mega hype is often a deterrent for me, only to find out afterwards that there in fact was a reason for the hype. Big picture movies, The Great Gatsby for instance. Turned out to be a grandiose movie. Other things, such as Lord of the Rings, too. Magnanimous!  Harry Potter? Terrible.

Here is another example. Fiddy shades, y’all. I read the reviews before , which said it stank. And I saw the hype surrounding it. A new breed of woman-blabla, all that non-sense. Don’t believe the hype.

Its amazing how popularity can serve as such a shield for me. It is really off-putting, and speaks more of the brain-less masses than anything else. Having to be brainless in order to read a book obviously is not a very desirable treat. 

Certainly, one book always leads the bestseller lists and is more popular than Harry and fiddy combined. Yet it does not leave me chilled cold. Instead, I devour it daily! Yep, that ol’ library, AKA the bible. 

Surely rather unorthodox, as it is far from modern from the outset. Boring or outdated language for sure. Thank God for new translations for one. But besides, would it not be awesome to be able to converse with the author whilst reading it? If I were to have a private audience every time I read Harry with J.K. I would certainly think again about reading her multi-million dollar words. 

I can not, yet with the Bible, whole different approach. Yep, Author still around for questioning, making it all the more interesting. I guess it boils down to this: if I feel I am being force fed, like some duck raised to be pate, then I resist. Popularity can feel like being force-fed. When the ability to eat at my own discretion is given, however, I am a much more thankful audience. 

Go, read yer most popular book of all times, you know you want to.