Unfailing love

by theodotdoron

Imagine you are serving dinner in a restaurant and you witness the following scene: a very wealthy man comes in and sits down. Upon asking what he would like to eat, he says he is still waiting for his son. Everyone knows this man, he is influential and powerful in the neighbourhood. It is news to you that this man has a son. Surely, the son must have been lost for a while, as there has never been news about his son. 

Surely the son will be welcomed by his father and, as you know this famous man and know him to be very generous, this son will get to eat the finest food. A few minutes later the son appears at the back entrance. In fact, this boy is well known to you, as he often comes in the late afternoon to rummage through the rubbish bins. You are shocked to find that he is not pleased to see his father. 

Rather, he is fairly hesitant to sit down. As you approach the table, you see the father being delighted at the sight of his son, tears are in his eyes. You wonder what made the son leave his father in the first place, as he is well known for his kindness and honest approach to business and life. You take their orders and the dad says to his son he can eat whatever he likes. You are exited to find out what this boy will eat after years of eating out of the trash bin.

“Here, can you fill my glass with the puddle water from outside, please”, he says, and you are shocked. Why would he not order anything off the menu? The father is looking on with a saddened face. Apparently he knows his son quite well. You just want to suggest a nice fresh smoothie from the menu and yet the son continuously shakes his glass under your nose. Trodding outside in unbelief, you crouch down to reach the dirty puddle. It is filled with cigarette buds and trash that has fallen from the countless shoes that have gone through the back entrance. 

You turn around and see the father crying, his son adamant awaiting his “drink”. As you return, you put the contaminated water in front of him. “Are you ready to order your dinner?”, you ask, half awaiting what you think will be the next scenario. And, sure enough, the boy asks for rubbish from the trash can outside. In detail he orders, as he knows those trash cans quite well. The father is hurt to the core, yet he lets the son proceed. All that beautiful food the restaurant you work for has will never be eaten by this boy.

After this scenario is over, you and your work colleagues are trying to understand why this boy has rejected his fathers wealth and with it all the beauties attached to it. You know this man to be nothing but good, and yet his only son rejects him? The next time the son comes rummaging through those cans, you want to talk to the son to understand, to help him see his father the way you know him to be. 

This, lovely readers, is the cause I believe in, helping sons and daughters of the kindest father to see they no longer have to plunder the bins of the world. They, too, can enjoy everything that is their fathers and enjoy his protection and provision. This to me is the a worthy cause.