Fat Bread

by theodotdoron

I loved a girl in Blankenese. Well, no, I was a girl there, once, many moons ago. Back in those days it was common to smoke in the office, and so I did. While speaking on the phone, I had a fag in hand, or between my lips even. Yes, those days were different. I owned a mobile phone, but it had an antenna you had to pull up in order to get a signal.

Oh, yes, those days. I loved a guy from London. Back in those days, I was head over heels in love with this guy. Once I went to visit him, it was one of those terrible moments I will never forget. The shame surrounding this event can never be fully quenched, it seems. It is many years ago, back in those days when stalking was not yet a crime, and boy, am I glad it wasn’t.

Back in those days, one could smoke on trains, and boy, did I smoke on trains. At night, I would sit in those smoking wagons and get talking to people, all sorts of people. One said he was a spy fleeing the country after some people had murdered his family. And so we sat, at night, puffing away, staring into other passengers faces that were stone grey from a life of smoking.

Yes, I remember those days. I studied fashion design soon after, and we did things by hand. The computer had not yet gained the status of recognition it has now. In order to collect information one had to actually go some place. Or deal with the fact that one had forgotten a telephone number or an address even. I would not have been able to google that spy’s story for that matter.

It was pre facebook, can you imagine. People exchanged numbers for their pagers in order to get in touch. Those days we did illustrations by hand, yes, a new drawing style meant taking another pen out of the tool box. Water color was not accomplished by the push of a button. Yes, back then, I needed to have information in my head and it was considered valuable.

Back in those days, one had to go to the library for image search. Then take those books and lay them onto a copier. Then cut them out and arrange them as a collage. It taught one to train ones eyes to spot a good lay out if one comes across one. Have you seen the layout of google image search? Its atrocious, to say the least. Compare it to an art book, and you get what I mean.

When being a girl in Blankenese, people did not cut their bodies open. An artist at the time, St.Orleans, was considered to be highly controversial. She had herself cut open to have implants inserted into her body. Critics made her out to be the devil. Looks like the world is now populated with devils.

Yes, there was no talk of climate change, as one feared mainly forest decline. And Y2K. The open outcry still existed, things were mostly produced in your far reaching neighbourhood. And they were expensive. Yes, wanting to buy a technical appliance meant saving up as for an investment. Things had their price. Yes, people were chatting online already, but at a very high price. 3$ a minute.

Now, per chance, I am a girl close to Blankenese, in fact only 30 minutes away. I have a husband who is younger than me. He keeps me on my toes. I did not have to stalk him, thankfully I buried that in the pit. I can reach people from all over the world via writing my blog. The hubz teaches me to use the internet for my advantage. I don’t have to live in the past.

The world is changing, I am in the midst of it. It is terribly daunting, to say the least. We are in the midst of the digital revolution. I think one has a choice: fear everything and stick your head in the sand, or accept change and use it for your advantage. Like we all, on this platform at least, are doing. World, have a great weekend, over and out from Blankenese.