This one time

by theodotdoron

Being called into the office of my boss since I had asked for my holiday pay which contractually applied to my salary, I am sitting opposite the much feared lady boss. No, she is no owner of the place, nor is she frightening in appearance. Its stories about her that walk ahead of her.

Soon I find myself being accused of wilfully misappropriate information about my contract, and threatened with a lawsuit due to that behaviour. Myriads of juridical jargon is being thrown around, and I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of confusion. Remember, my company owes me over two thousand dollars yet here I am being accused of breach of contract.

Well, what madness. The owner of the business is a country wide known rich man. Not quite a billionaire yet, but getting there. Big forums online discuss his dishonesty, and I must say I begin to believe the hype. The lady works for him. Quite incompetent, sure, yet impossible to let go as she knows too much.

I leave the office and some month long bickering ensues. Meanwhile, rumours of all sorts develop about the companies demise. Imagine starting a law suit and then just being one of the many, and trust me, there are many, obligees? Yet having to pay the bill for the lawyer? Hubz and I decide to let this thing go, and not allowing it to steal even more joy.

As soon as I announce it, the boss lady forces me to sign a new contract. Just to ensure I have no more legal rights to adhere to the original one. Quite obviously an admission of wrong doing of some sorts. After my contract runs out it is not being renewed as the company still uses the official reason of mistrust towards me in order to justify not renewing it instead of admitting they are not willing to give me a contract that is valid indefinitely. Something that is compulsory by German law after a certain amount of time.

So, not only am I still owed 2000 dollars, but I am now without a job on the basis of a false accusation. Funny, as the company owner seems to flourish. Well, to a certain degree. Once my manager held a news paper with the front page of a famous German business man in hand cuffs. He is now in for embezzlement. One of our best customers. Well, used to be…

My manager drily goes “only a matter of time before we see Mr X here”, pointing to the hand cuffed man. Well, law suits after law suits, his business practice has made a lot of people very angry. I believe it is only a matter of time. Even the wolf of wall street eventually went down. In my mind I imagined to say to Mr X, “Hey Mister, remember the Lord God, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”.

I know, not terribly snappy, yet I dwelt on this comment for weeks. Had he ever approached me I would have said this to him. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be spending time there with him in prison, I am sure. At present, Ayn Rand is his god, guess she will do him no good in prison.