Excusener…, I mean Executioner

by theodotdoron

Beheading someone, as was common during the French revolution, well, I guess I would certainly suck at it. Just recently I read a book written by someone who had killed someone kinda by accident. He had planned on teaching him a lesson and instead the injuries led to subsequent death. In prison he met God and now leads a church here in Germany somewhere.

To the bug standard person, killing another human being may very well be the most outlandish thing imaginable. How to take someone’s life and not later die due to bouts of terrifying remorse? Impossible. Those who have in fact killed another human being seem as quite literally macabre to those who have not. Sitting next to a murderer will send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Yet the prisons are full with such people. Taking a life at times seems a sensible solution to some. In fact, it is almost a common tale for we find quite a few important characters of the Bible who indulge in such acts. Paul, David, Moses to name but a few. They are heroes, yet their special history is not often mentioned when their heroic tales are read.

Once we had a convicted murderer sitting in our church. I prayed for him and he gave his life to God that day. Prisons are full of such people, yet are they aware that they, in the eyes of God, may very well be, no, in fact certainly are, incredibly valuable? As a non-murdering human I find this hard to grasp, and I guess the criminal person in question will have just as a hard time to swallow this truth as do I.

Don’t get me wrong here, obviously I do not condone these heinous acts. The victim after all seems to have no such choices. Those left behind have their own tragedies to deal with, something I wish on no man. Yet the act itself, of murdering another human is as old as the Bible narrative and probably more common than we would like to admit. So, in closing, I wish to never be in the situation of having to take someone’s life, be it as a job or out of choice since I would find it to present to me the best solution at the time. I am grateful that killing is not on my schedule and in no way do I envy those on whose rota it appears. Happy Labours Day everyone!