Such wow!

by theodotdoron

Most of the time I feel this way anyways. My favorite internet site is frequented by teenage boys, laughing at memes such as “Dad joke”, “Dad joke dog”, “Disaster girl” and many many others. Quite honestly, my hubby is seven years my junior, which, in digital time, is forever. It also was a younger boy who got me switched on to MySpace roughly seven years ago. Lil’ ol me was way too suspicious of such things.


Kids are being called narcissist above all things these days. What though if it is the previous generations lack to give enough appraisal so that kids have to go out in search of it, returning with a thumbs up and several likes to boost their confidence? Was it not for the lack of a “iDontlike” that facebook got as successful as it now is? In a strange way good ol’ manners, if you don’t have anything good to say about someone, don’t say anything at all?

Reading was once thought to bear intrinsic dangers and hence every now and so often certain books get banned and even burned. And now it is the internet, culprit for everything that is bad in the world. Previously, people could certainly go out and harm you, and, actions always had consequences, only were we not quite as acutely aware of it.

Much amaze over how quickly things change these days. Internet shopping is not all that old, and facebook is as old as my Bachelor Degree. I love looking into all kinds of peoples kitchen and watch them whip up fabulosis after amazis! Check out for instance. I remember days when even getting the ingredients was neigh impossibru.

By the way, any such wow typos are there for a reason, they are taken from an array of memes that brighten up my days. Now, back to being seriously involved in the question: back in a twelve year old’s body I would do one thing, namely refrain from doing any body building at such a tender age. Which I did back then. It was not common then. Fellow sweaters around me suggested I eat ten egg whites a day.

Guys were wearing Gold’s Gym crop tops and those terrible pants, McHammer style in outrageous colors. I own some now, as they have found their way into serious fashion houses. A pit bull roamed the studio while we were doing bench presses, and subsequently I learned my brother once robbed the place. At night, via the air vent system.

Yes, people have always found a way to harm others, and the internet or any other technical progress is not as much as an enabler as one would like to think. So, I would get down with the kids, eat a whole array of junk food, brush my teeth thoroughly and most certainly would avoid getting caught on camera doing stupid stuff I later most certainly would regret.

And all that extra energy? Probably do cartwheels through the city. That certainly would end up on camera, but maybe it could start generating a trend, go viral, and inspire loads of people to not hate kids so much and overall enjoy life that little bit more. And most of all, I would probably avoid going to that dreaded camp in which that incident took place which would change the course of my life the most.

Although, as I said, I feel so young inside, and those years which the locusts have eaten, it feels as though they never happened, seriously. As though it was someone else experiencing all these years of despair and self hatred. Had my life taken another direction at the tender age of twelve, actually, thirteen, I would never have met my hubz… I know, pretty steep price, but hey…

Jesus I had already met, and I don’t mean the gardener. So here’s a thing I don’t quite get, how can these things happen? Guess one day I will know, until then though, more memes to read, asta maniana or something, bye bye!