Teeth jerking

by theodotdoron

My mouth feels numb, and I splutter when I talk: yes, I have just returned from the dentist. The entire experience really sent shivers down my spine for far too many years, only entering the practice makes me feel right apprehensive and my muscles tense up upon opening the door and getting a whiff of the scent.

This dentist is different: I get to listen to my music over head phones while he drills away. It does not entirely drown out the terrifying screeching sounds, yet it does wonders in putting me at ease. Whilst numbing my upper left jaw, a tear wells up in my eye and slowly rolls down the side of my cheek.

Upon detecting it he jokingly remarks that he only tolerates tears of joy. Returning to my teeth, I suddenly have the most amazing God encounter right there in the dentist chair. Whilst hearing some beautiful blue grass music I imagine dancing and waltzing through a barn, with, uhm, God. Yep, maybe it was naught but an anaesthesia induced vision?

Anyhu, we boogie on down, God and I, and have a jolly good time. The dentist is forgotten, and, yes, you guessed it, another tear starts its downward path. This time though, it is a tear of joy. I am exhilarated at how my fear of dentists had just, there and then, with four hands rammed down my cake hole, vanished into thin air.

Was it the music? Was it the drill? Was it my medication or actually the maker of heaven and earth? The last option must appear the most unlikely option to most, yet to me, a God who brings pleasure and takes away pain, some now, some eventually, is the only one I can believe in and the only one I would dance a waltz with in some barn to blue grass music.