Bing bong

by theodotdoron

Wasn’t there a horse trainer who looked just a tad too much like Harry and who later admitted to having had a tete-a-tete with Madame? Oh, well, let by-gones be by-gones. Yep, the off the hook sibling may very well be a little more off-the-hook than what is generally understood by that term. In fact, I often wonder how real history would be like, considering all affairs and baby’s born out of wedlock would be counted amongst the royal off spring? 

Over the years, how many women, too, have hidden that little affair by laying a cuckoos egg into their husbands nest? What would a real genealogy look like? Gosh, already I feel lead me to my most beloved subject of like ever. Well, considering the family tree of one royal who further claims to be not just any king, but the King of all kings, well, is all but pure as snow. There are hookers and murderers and thieves and liars and weaklings and braggers to be found.

Yep, I mean, what are the chances that really I will supersede that One? So, in a way, we are all the off-the-hook sibling. Wild and with less than honorable family trees. See, that is why it is of importance that somehow this blood line is interspersed, and hence we have a virgin birth. Those things, they are trying to make sense, not just tell of a stupid fairy tale story. Incidentally, Nietszsche’s Ubermensch, too, has far too many similarities with the Saviour.

It’s a bit complex to get into it, but what I am trying to get across here is how this most atheistic of probably all men ever (he wrote a book called the Anti-Christ) could not conjure up someone with the ability to save a select few other than via boasting a miraculous heritage. Bing-bong, its called plagiarism. Only, in Nietzsche’s case, the Saviour is a fine one indeed, sacrificing the many for mainly his own good for he certainly belongs to those select few. Guess I do not need to outwork the parallels or lack thereof since it is very obvious indeed. 

So, we have come from Harry to Jesus to Nietzsche. There are no youtube clips of the latter two, but, to an extend, of the former, or at least his possible dad. Enjoy, and if I burst your bubble, I apologize in advance. Kind of.