The emotionizer

by theodotdoron

Anything that can spit out music. Nothing has a stronger effect on my emotional state than a few notes strung together to some beat. Back when I was wearing braces, it was pressed on vinyl. I would jump around the room to “Get out of my dreams” and “Can’t touch this”. Actually, some years prior, on some old tape recorder, it was Michael Jacksons “Bad” and “Speed Demon”.

Before that, I would dance to “My love is a tango” so often, my brothers would cut the power in the house just to make me stop. Similar things were done to Modern Talking of all. Oh, lest we forget “Maria Magdalena” by Sandra. All pretty awful europop trashy songs, but I didn’t care much. To me, they captured the very essence of me.

Nowadays I know that music does not contain the entirety of what makes me me. Yet it can certainly influence me greatly. The first boyband I like where The Doors. Not quite appropriate in age, yet their music stayed with me until today. When I listened to them, it was mainly NKOTB my peers would listen to. By the time I moved out I had acquired a considerable music collection.

Once I moved country I also moved the entire conglomeration. Somehow I felt that it was impossible to capture and imprison emotions in the way a data carrier does. There truly is nothing better than to be surprised by a memory in a way unexpected music does. Walking down some street, a song comes up and time travel is suddenly not only possible but an actuality.

The song immediately transports you into the arms of your first crush, back to your first major heart break, onto the hills of northern India and shot-gun you into that truck. Musicizers, I love you for your capacity to transport and transform me in this most illusive way. Thank you!