Free as a bird

by theodotdoron

Cultural pessimism enjoys high regard, and, for a fact, always has. The older generation tends to be more sophisticated and has in most cases access to more publicity concerning opinion making. Therefore it is their views that get air time and print space.

True, the younger generation is heralded for their beauty and strength, but generally neither requires much oral capacities. And I am not thinking about that kind of oral. You shut up while smiling into the camera, someone else gives you the script if you do talk, and you just look good.

So, sophistication and access to resource is given to the older generation. And, understandably, they are freaked out by novelty. After all, those of us who are not digital natives are truly overwhelmed by the possibilities and things on offer.

Yet, at all times there have been discoveries that first caused an outcry and sheer horror in those who did not grow up with them. Printing presses, trains, auto mobiles, electricity, any kind of medical novelty, news papers, credit cards, you name it, it caused someone to freak out at some time.

A fax was considered to be from the devil, telephones were thought to make people anti social, and now people bemoan the fact that no one calls any more. Instead, people just text. Breaking up via the phone is now considered to be good manners.

There are always things that are new and require smart minds to come up with ideas on how to handle them, not with opposition that really, we should not handle them at all. Unfortunately many sophisticated minds get paralyzed instead and choose to demonize instead of sanction and regulate.

Certain things ought to be outlawed, such as hate. Hate stinks, and an ideology which ratifies the persecution of others should not be seen as just something new that needs regulating. In fact, this is nothing new at all and has been around as long as man has been around.

What I find amazing is that as long as man has been around he has found a way of destroying one another but also at protecting others. I suggest to think on why that is instead of fighting it. Then we could come closer to the remedy. Only fighting the symptom instead of looking for the cause is ridiculous.

To me, I have found this remedy. It tells me to apply it until I die. That way I can live today free as a bird, as I won’t have to fear anything. Someone else has taken my fall so I don’t have to. Come, jump with me, it will be the ride of your life.