What is love?

by theodotdoron

Beauty, justice, love. What are they and are they contextual? Those eternal questions have pained Philosophers for Millennia. Is there a concrete answer? Will it be found within the scopes of this blog?

I know about those qualities that they have one thing in common: their ability to pull mankind out of the daily time space continuum in a very special and unique way. Beauty stops us in our tracks and reaches far beyond mere sexual attraction.

There is an eternal aspect to those qualities. As though they remind one of at least the possibility of infinity. Humans have a capacity to abstract and grasp concepts that go beyond their own scope and fragility.

Those three concepts are intimately connected to a self-consciousness. We neither quite understand what that is or how to determine whether one possesses this form of being, but we have a pretty good hunch about we possessing it.

Self-referential abilities in one form or another is also present in language. And I do not mean communication in general, for all living beings do so. No, I am referring to the written word here, something exclusively found in the human species.

The word is an incredible entity, for it goes beyond mere accumulation of data and instead requires semantics, something not intrinsic to syntax alone. It is the highest form of abstraction.

To me it is not by accident that the word is posited in Christian thought at the very beginning. Information precedes matter pure and simple. Further, the word is self-referential and containing in itself other abstract concepts such as justice, beauty and love.

I know that John was using the word “logos” when introducing the arrival of a deity. Logos goes a little beyond our current understanding of the word “word”. What matters in this idea is that concepts of abstraction, by “moving into the neighbourhood” are thereby tangible to us finite beings.

So, beauty is intrinsically divine in origin and it requires immense effort to access such qualities of an entirely alien nature. In higher mathematics we come across the concept of the infinite.

It is impossible to make up the infinite with even infinitely many fractions. Somehow these two concepts are doomed to never meet. The true miracle is, that we can access abstract concepts. One ought to spend considerable time to give an explanation for this fact.

You owe this to yourself. And to beauty. And justice. And love.