Ode to chocolate

by theodotdoron

How I love thee, yummy gooey loveliness.
I have loved you for what seems an eternity.
Chocolate, beloved, dear, do not leave.
How did they live not knowing your sensations?
Pleasure bringer
Life enhancer.
You, darling, are there to meet me in my darkest hour.
Joyous food, you, tingling and tantalizing my deepest desires.
I must admit, it’s not only you.
There is yet another.
Green? Yes, I have been there.
Red? Indeed, I must admit.
Orange cheddar?
One of my favourites.
However, you two must never meet.
Cheese and chocolate?
A match made in hell.
However, me and cheese? me and chocolate?
Heavenly and divine in nature.
Food, glorious food.
Bringing joy to thousands.
Unmatched pleasures, nearly.
Entire bodily sensations brought into one experience.
Taste, sure.
Scent? Yes, certainly.
Auditory stimulation? Ah, crackling bread.
Tactile involvement? Ever felt chocolate melt on your tongue?!
Sight? Oh, mouthwatering caramel has only to be seen to make you salivate.
Food, glorious food.
Such hedonistic pleasure.
Almost nowhere is the here and now more felt.
The identity of man cristalized, culminating in one moment of pleasure.
And then He said: Do this in remembrance of me.
HE proceeded to say: Until I return
Connecting the hear and now with the past and the future.
For man is not only here and now.
He is also the totality of his yesterdays
and the sum of his tomorrows.
Again, what a dignifying view of man,
acknowledging his full identity.
Today, eat. Enjoy. It is ok to enjoy today.
Glorious God.
Go, eat that chocolate.