oh nooooooo

by theodotdoron

I am not a big baby kinda girl. There are girls around that want nothing more for their life than having a baby. I am not one of them, and for a fact never have been. Never!
I never cooed over babys, never thought they smelled good, never wanted to hold those tiny hands, in fact, at some point in my life I did think of them as nothing more than a nuisance. Yes, I will make enemies saying that, but it is the truth.

But hear me out. So baby’s are not something I aspired to have. I was one, sure, and I find that most people who are outspoken against children (“They are noisy, messy, drooling, etc”) tend to forget their own history of babyness. So, I know I once depended entirely on someones goodwill to get me through the day.

One of my pet hates are so called self made millionaires. I always wonder how on earth they cleaned their own diaper before they were even one year of age? But, jokes aside, baby’s are necessary for society and necessarily depend on society to tend for them and protect them. In other words set aside their own agenda for the good of another.

Well, here is what happened to me that changed my take on baby’s. Firstly, I saw my husband around baby’s. And let me tell you, he is absolutely adorable. Everything I lack in kindness he more than makes up for it. See, that is one of the reasons I did not want to have a child. I did not want it to grow up hating it’s own mummy. Well, now I can rest assured that even if that were to happen, it would grow up loving it’s daddy.

Yes, love changes everything. Now I want to give my husband a child, for I know he would be blessed by it more than anything. Now, before you put me down as a cold hearted b*tch, there were reasons for not wanting my child to hate me. I just could not imagine another way. Guess I knew first hand what that meant… Anyways, the second aspect that changed my view on baby’s was my brother having one.

Now for the first time I could experience first hand what geneticist know for a long time: how common genes can form an incredibly strong bond between human beings. Some go as far as arguing for any kind of altruism on that basis. I do not. but seeing this little one made me realize how strong an emotion he in fact did invoke in me. For the first time I actually cooed over a baby.

Now, where is this going? I guess what I am wanting to say that were I too meet my parents now or one of my siblings, I guess genetics would play a huge role in my interaction with them. In fact, there are cases where brothers and sisters do not know of their common bond and well, their friendliness goes a little too far. Just saying…

Equally though, there is never as much hatred as amongst family. Yes, sad but true. So, genetics can not be the be all and end all to the altruism story. Families, after all, are marked by several things: common origin, common language, common space and time. And now, looke here who uses this strong word for family in another context: yep, my favourite subject will be raised yet again.

We are referred to as the family of God. To be honest, by the time this statement was made, patriarchy was still very strong, and going against your family akin to a crime. I guess it has to do with those genes again. Genes just form this incredibly strong bond. However, it can compromise the gene pool to the extend that, well, it ain’t pretty after only a few generations. It is necessary for their to be an interference from the outside.

I love the fact that the basis of a common source is very strong and fundamental, so saying we are children of God is the essence of égalité fraternité. It concocts a context within which equally strong bonds can be formed amongst otherwise alien tribes. I believe speaking of the family of God and creating enclaves all around the world has done great benefits for the gene pool of the society as a whole.

Bu hey, please don’t take my word for it. I am no geneticist. I ain’t heavy, I’m your brother.