Dear Maths

by theodotdoron

My dad, a studied Mathematician said to me, “Mathematicians really are just lazy people. They are always looking for the simplest way to solve a problem.” Reductionism is a trait I greatly admire. So much so that I noticed my husband in class due to the fact of what he didn’t say. His motto in life is similar to that of a Mathematician. Only that he vehemently denies being one. Again, one of these traits I greatly admire.

Being very much in love is a frightening thing. Applying reductionism to the field of love is very tempting. “It’s only hormones”, some claim, or “Sexual attraction fades, you will not make this last”, or the usual “Men can not be faithful”. All of these things attempt to simplify a subject which otherwise deems to daunting to approach. I understand that.

Yet boiling someone down to their market value when it comes to love is ridiculous and illogical. There is no formula to make it work. No, I am getting somewhere with this, don’t worry. Being brief is very productive and pragmatic. It helps cut through the bull at times and can show that one has understood the gist of something. Like practising your musical scales.

However, those are merely practiced in order to apply them to something much bigger eventually, some fine sonata for instance. Applying precision to a grand symphony, marvellous. Some things call for the notion of endlessness. A yearning desire for eternity. “I will always love you” is a cry of the heart trying to express something for which there really is no formula to be found, for it feels to be endless, unlike any formula.

It is akin to the truth and grace found in Christ. One operating with laser like precision, the other offering oceans full of boundless cover-ups. “Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds.” Grace is the one-upper. It is that all elusive something always outrunning the other. That is why Christ is no formula. Believe in Christ is no codex to be followed, can not be reduced to just a certain behaviour.

And just like any other human, mathematician or not, can not be put in more simplified version. Probably that is the reason why two humans relating to each other can also not be put in a box. And those clauses and formulas of a covenant relationship? I guess they serve to help one another along in those nebulous times when the ocean just feels that terribly deep and daunting.