by theodotdoron

Things that take excessive amounts of time really bug me. Those things that could be achieved in a much easier way, if only anyone ever stopped to think about it. Right now I am sending out applications, which all require of me to send in all types of documents with it. Meanwhile, I am still required to fill in minutely small fields on their websites with terrible drop down menues wanting to know what country, out of the 160 on offer, I come from. Waste of time for my understanding.

All good and proper to include all countries of the world in order to not appear prejudiced, yet pointless when I am asked age and sex one line further down. How many times have I filled out these stupid online application forms, going back in time years and years trying to recall what month of the year I officially finished this or that, and when I started that and the other. What a waste of time, for does it really matter whether it was November or October?

In fact, it does. I finished my Bachelor degree in London officially on the 31 July, the new school year in Germany starting on the 1 September. The Governments guideline allows for there to be exactly one month in between finishing one and starting another in order to qualify for a grant. The girl in the student help office suggested her own form of optimization: just alter the document. I would call it fraud, but hey…

So, instead of optimization I chose honesty, and it came with a hefty five figure price tag, as I now had to pay for the entire education myself. I guess, at times some other things bug me even more: how being honest can be oh so costly. It looks as though fairness and honesty is considered trash at times. Not only in my little case, elsewhere too. I guess truth is an employee that is too easily let go off. It too often looks as though the bad guys are winning at this… I guess that is really what bugs me more than anything.