by theodotdoron

…but I’m gonna go with both. Jane Eyre for instance was an amazing read, as was Crime and Punishment. I so dived into the time and under the persons skin. During holidays as a kid I would read a book a day, soon working my way up to American Psycho, which I hid reading on the tube. Didn’t want anyone to think I am a psycho.

Now I am reading The Firm, on McKinsey. And The no asshole rule. Both thoroughly entertaining. When ripping the plastic sealing of my New Yorker subscription, I am equally devouring articles on the judicial system in Chicago as I enjoy reading fiction by Theroux. While reading immense amounts of philosophical material during my studies I would gorge on trashy mags on the side. I would consider most of the stories featured in there pure fiction, yet they were incredibly entertaining.

Maybe Sherlock Holmes exemplifies this best: based on a real character, involving scientific findings and wrapped up in a riveting story, yep, perfect. Much like CSI, and, here I am, having to bite the bullet after all this, that really, I am the target group for pretty average tv. nothing hipsterish about admitting to liking CSI. Oh, would it count if I said I did it before it was cool? In fact, no, I hated it when it was cool, even before that. Model-like investigators turned me off. Now, ten years later, I have succumbed. Too much realism in a show turns me off. Life is realistic enough. I unashamedly choose The good Wife over SILKS any day.

I love filters and subtle lightning and bleached teeth. Gosh, I am so superficial. Now, would I want Romanowitsch to have a tom-cruise-smile? I highly doubt that. Tricky… Ok, here goes: reading I like fiction as much as facts, watching it, I need a combination of both held together by a good veneer of glossy superficial aesthetics, just for mere escapism. Yep, glad the Bible kinda stems from times pre-tv, so I never have to bemoan Abrahams yellow teeth, I guess.