by theodotdoron

There was a day when I took all the courage that my courage organ would provide to enter a restaurant filled with intelligent and brilliant people. Yes, it was right after I had heard some lady in our church, who, as it turned out, wasn’t just any lady, but Joyce Meyer. I did not know that, though, and I just listened. No prejudice.

She spoke on Joshua 1, not being afraid. She wanted it to be an impartation. And it was precisely that. This verse and its connected message got into my system like a lightning bolt. And so, about a week later I found myself pacing outside these restaurant walls, knowing I ought to enter, muttering the words on not being afraid to myself and then finally opening those doors.

Once inside, I did not say much. The regular academic crowd, consisting mostly of middle aged men and a few ambitious young ladies. Yep, during my studies there were three young girls and seven middle aged men graduating from the 120 who had started. Similar ratio found within the profs, few women who tend to be somewhat hot.

So, if you remember my approach to anything academic it had always been marked by an incredible amount of fear. Entering those holy halls, mingling with the smart and powerful was not something that would make me blossom in my social butterfly abilities. Nuff said. I sat there, ate nothing since I was dead broke then, and listened to the beating of my heart.

Once everyone left I kinda had that sinking feeling of what just happened and what was the point. Well, walking to the street I chat with one of the young women, and I see one of the middle aged men I saw inside the restaurant. Another thing I learned in church is to be inclusive. SO, I called him over to say hi instead of ignoring him.

What happened next was close to amazing. We end up going to a pub, and get talking. Later we go to the place of the woman to continue our discussion. Still I say nothing, just sitting there. At some point the man leaves, and the woman has a near heart attack. If I have any idea who that just was? I don’t. She still is caught in amazement, and the next day, after some googling, I understand why.

If I were to tell you his name you could most likely know him, at least if you have ever entered an american university. So, yep, some years later, my husband, who hadn’t been my husband then, went to the states. And while there he paid him a visit. So, I had to come up with a gift. And what did I give him?

A book I made. It was not hard to make, at least for me. On the cover it says “what the most………man needs the most”, for obvious reasons I can’t give you the real title, for you would be able to google it and find him. Well, and opening the book, there were 70 pages printed with one thing, JESUS.

So, given ten minutes, I would actually want to write Jesus as many times as I could, but then I remembered I had already done this one time, and that this one time made for an interesting story. If you ever hear of a famous atheist converting, then ask him to show you a book he was once given by a German. If it is full of Jesus, you have found the right man.