by theodotdoron

Spice Girls had Posh Spice in it, aka Victoria Beckham. She was looked down upon after her first fashion collection. Yet she is now firmly established as one of the greats. Impressive, seeing that she climbed her way up from a regular Gucci customer. Did I tell you I once worked with a girl who went for those same auditions Victoria went for, and, needless to say, Vicky got the job?

So, fashion was once a pet snobbery of mine, now it has somewhat turned into a pet peeve. What else is there? I know, people who are ignorant towards themselves. That sort of dishonesty is something that constantly annoys me beyond imagination. Case in point? A man who had some useless device implanted into his forearm. Under the skin, with blinking green lights and all.

It was useless as it was merely submitting some temperature, not something that is otherwise impossible to acquire, right? Thermometers do a superb job at that, I hear. It was done without anaesthetics, the size of an iPhone. Imagine… Yet he portrayed himself as being some forward thinking visionary. Nonsense, I call the bluff, just a publicity stunt!

Another example? Edward Snowden. The German press treats him as though he deserves the Nobel Peace Price. I call out “Coward”! Remember Ali? He went to prison for not going to war, for being a pacifist. I find it much more convincing if someone is willing to pay the price for their convictions rather than going into hiding, and cuddling with the enemy. Let’s face it, Russia is not the most, say, free country when it comes to freedom of expression.

Of course, I too do things just for publicity, namely publishing here. And here is a horrible secret. At times I post things even though there are still one or two lines missing, sometimes even three. There, hate me if you like. And surely I will have selfish motives hiding somewhere without me knowing it. Horrid plight of humanity, being so ignorant towards ones own motives.

Pet peeve? People who hide behind grand gestures without being genuine concerning their real motives, among which we find all sorts of intellectual snobbery. If someone introduces themselves as Dr. Something something, I generally go out of my way to just call them Sir or Madame. Just because. To annoy them a little. Since I probably think of myself as intellectual yet down to earth, Wow, that is disgustingly self righteous. Too bad, put me away for it, I don’t care.