Sell it to the highest bidder!

by theodotdoron

Right now, the one luxury the hubs and I possess is time. We have so much of it, as we share a one bedroom place of 24sqm. Yes, he has the ability to work from home and I am currently doing some freelance work, also from home, so, we spend all our time in those 24sqm. In the next two years, without the possibility of a miracle, nothing will change about this. Hence, children are out of the question, as a new flat is.

Yes, we have plenty of time. I often wonder why we are given this gift. Just some days ago I asked the Lord what to do with the day. A few minutes later, I had a slipped disc and couldn’t move. Guess, I wasn’t supposed to do anything. Sitting on the bench, knowing the coach will use me when necessary is not my strongest suit, but, in the past five years in which this has been going on, I am getting better at it.

I guess chances are pretty high I would get a good six figure number for this one extra hour, I would get my hubs to get the prices up for it on the stock market, It would become a very lucrative thing, and many people would show an interest in owning stocks in my extra hour. Yes, in that way we could get a bigger flat, and I could have a dog and a baby, and then continue writing my postaday. Imagine being unable to do so?! Dreadful, absolutely dreadful.